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Commercial Construction Types

Commercial Construction Types of Work Include:

Build-to-suit – Hiring developers who supply capital, development expertise, and construction resources to build new free-standing stores and strip centers from the ground up.

Build-outs or interior fit-outs – Demolishing a space within a building to rebuild one per new tenant specs.

Store fronts - Remodeling the façade and front area or entrance of a store to increase appeal and draw more customers.

Remodels – Renovating or doing upgrades to an existing space or building. Rebranding – Updating the look of a space to be consistent with brand changes.

Sustainability – Applying green technology to make a space or building more environmentally sound and energy efficient.

Turnkey – Hiring a contractor or construction firm to build or remodel a property with the goal of selling it. The turn-key development process tends to be all-inclusive, covering project kick-off, market analysis, site selection, design entitlement, permits and bids, project funding, construction, and delivery of finished space.

Light Construction And Commercial Remodeling Projects

What kind of commercial construction project do you have in mind? We work with a wide range of industries and organizations to make their interior and exterior spaces more functional and conversion-oriented. Whether it’s constructing the perfect kitchen for a restaurant, adding office units onto an existing commercial space, or remodeling a retail store to increase conversion, our team comes ready with the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

We work with:
✔ Banks
✔ Grocery stores
✔ Schools, Day-cares
✔ Restaurants, Bars
✔ Strip malls
✔ Pharmacies

✔ Doctor's Office

Our client-first approach makes us one of the most sought-after commercial contractors in the region. We work around our clients’ schedules to ensure as little downtime as possible. Want to see some great examples of our previous work? Call us now to set up an appointment.

Light Commercial Construction

Business owners throughout the region know that when they need Light commercial remodeling, additions, and new construction services, they contact Denham Corporation, Inc.. Over the years, we have worked with some of the region’s top-ranking businesses and developers to create functional and impactful buildings. We prioritize quality, durability, and timely project delivery to guarantee that every client is satisfied with our work.
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Construction Management

Denham Corporation, Inc. deliver professional services that provides a project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function.

Design Services

We can supply all types of design services from sketches, drawings, 3D renderings, and preliminary site plans, floor plans, and building elevations, to submitting the permit set of drawings as part of a larger permit application.


New Commercial Building Construction

We also work with clients who need new construction for offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more. With experience working with architects, blueprints, and remodeling software, we will construct the ideal commercial space for your business. As a commercial general contractor, our job is to bring together all the teams and knowledge required to take a project from conception to completion. Let us take care of building permits, site management, utilities, planning, and construction. With frequent reporting and a commitment to compliance, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands—from the ground up.


Commercial Remodeling

A commercial remodeling is a project that goes beyond simply changing the drapes in an office building. At least when it comes to what a general commercial contractor expects and will deliver upon a project. Generally defined, a commercial remodeling project is a project undertaken that will permanently alter an existing structure’s interior, exterior, or both.



The build-out meaning, which is a term frequently used in commercial real estate, is not what you might assume at first glance. Build-out is not exactly the same as building. Instead, build-out refers to the rest of the construction process that occurs with a space that has already been built in its raw form.


Why Hire Us - A Licensed General Contractor

Reason #4-Knowledge & Experience

Denham Corporation, Inc. knows how the home is built, and knows the sequence of construction. Denham Corporation, Inc. will also have an understanding of the building codes and other applicable legislation which governs the work that is being done

Why Hire Us

Quotes For Commercial Building Construction

We are constantly adopting new technologies to improve efficiency. Whether it’s modern communication techniques that give us greater control over project delivery, or our software-driven construction estimates, we strive to offer a better service at reasonable rates. We are proud to offer service estimates that are more precise than the competition. Our quotes include comprehensive cost breakdowns that take into account all the available information. We take a proactive approach that predicts possible delays and finds solutions before they arise. If changes need to be made during the course of the construction, we will provide you with the information you need to make an educated, budget-conscious decision on your project. It’s your vision. We’re just here to make it a reality. Call now.

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