Restaurant Construction

You’ve decided to start building your own restaurant from the ground up.

 Not only are you going to open a new restaurant, but you also want it to be in a custom-built location. The construction of a new building always provides serious new challenges—meeting codes, staying on budget and managing contractors. To successfully build a your own new restaurant, you need to make sure that at the end; the results works for your staff and it is enjoyable for your guests.
It also needs to follows health regulations and the very specific restaurant building codes.

Types of Restaurant Construction

New Restaurant Construction

With experience working with architects, blueprints, and remodeling software, we will construct the ideal restaurant space for you. As a commercial general contractor, our job is to bring together all the teams and knowledge required to take a project from conception to completion.

Restaurant Remodeling

A restaurant remodeling is a project that goes beyond simply changing the drapes in a building. At least when it comes to what a general commercial contractor expects and will deliver upon a project. Generally defined, a restaurant remodeling project is a project undertaken that will permanently alter an existing structure’s interior, exterior, or both.

Restaurant Build-Out

The build-out meaning, which is a term frequently used in commercial real estate, is not what you might assume at first glance. Build-out is not exactly the same as building. Instead, build-out refers to the rest of the construction process that occurs with a space that has already been built in its raw form.

Building a Restaurant

Restaurants rules and regulations are different from residential or other commercial spaces. Restaurant construction requires an understanding of the building codes, including  access, and egress. Denham Corporation, Inc. has the experience, attention to detail and complete understanding of the  building codes and process to build your restaurant from the ground up.

When you start a restaurant  project, you’ll need to contemplate the following:

Who will be your General Contractor?

How long will it take?

Your construction financial needs.

Location, location, location.

Are you leasing or buying your location?

Licenses, Building Codes, Permits.

Restaurant Construction Timeline

For the restaurant construction timeline to work, you need a very reliable crew. The contractors and subcontractors must be willing to work extra hours, and be trustworthy.

Once you’ve chosen a restaurant contractor, you’re probably anxious to start construction immediately. There’s one important thing you need to do first: create a construction schedule. Creating a successful restaurant construction timeline requires the knowledge of an experienced contractor, like Denham Corporation, Inc.. You should be as involved as possible in this process.

There are some factors that determine the timeline for your restaurant construction.
Restaurant square footage and design
Type and number of equipment required (back of the house & front of the house)
The complexity of the planned structure and interior details (Painting, flooring, lighting, electrical, and plumbing)
Weather delays
Communication among the team members and owner(s)
How many changes are made as the project moves forward

Why Hire Us - A Licensed General Contractor

Reason #3-Accountability

Denham Corporation, Inc. is the single point for accountability, and reduces the finger pointing. An unfortunate part of the construction process is that trades often blame someone else when things go wrong. The General Contractor is responsible for dealing with these issues.    READ MORE

Detail-Oriented General Contractors

In everything we do, we strive to keep our standards exceptionally high. Whether we’re working on a kitchen remodel or building a restaurant from the ground up, our commitment to workmanship, durability, and finishing details means everything to us. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. And you can experience those high standards in every single project we work on. Want to see examples of the exceptional quality of our work? Give us a call for a consultation.


Quotes For Restaurant Construction

We are constantly adopting new technologies to improve efficiency. Whether it’s modern communication techniques that give us greater control over project delivery, or our software-driven construction estimates, we strive to offer a better service at reasonable rates. We are proud to offer service estimates that are more precise than the competition. Our quotes include comprehensive cost breakdowns that take into account all the available information. We take a proactive approach that predicts possible delays and finds solutions before they arise. If changes need to be made during the course of the construction, we will provide you with the information you need to make an educated, budget-conscious decision on your project. It’s your vision. We’re just here to make it a reality.