Concrete Work

Concrete Work

A concrete contractor is a professional who performs installation, repair, and maintenance of concrete structures. We work on many projects, including driveways, sidewalks, foundations, and other concrete-based constructions such as stamped and stained concrete. We at Denham Corporation, Inc. are skilled in site preparation, pouring and finishing concrete, and making sure that the final product meets or exceeds the quality and safety standards required by the building code. Our work also includes tasks such as concrete cutting, sealing, and decorative concrete work.


Concrete foundations provide stable support and distribute the structure's weight evenly to the ground. Most of the time made of reinforced concrete, these foundations are essential for enduring structural integrity and preventing settling or movement.


Normally residential sidewalks can measure between 3' and 6' in width. Sidewalks in a commercial setting can easily be 10' or wider. Concrete sidewalks can be repaired by replacing sections at a time or a complete restoration.We can help you determine whether you need a simple repair, a section repair or complete restoration. We can also help you design and add a non-existent sidewalk to your backyard, patio or front of the house.


With a new driveway you can upgrade your property's functionality and curb appeal. A well built concrete driveway creates a powerful and good-looking entrance for your home. Whether you are looking for a simple, practical design or a complex decorative design, we will bring your ideas to life.

Patios, Terraces & Porches

Increase your living space outdoors by adding or refurbishing a porch or patio to your home. Our team specializes in designing and creating different and personalized outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with your property's style. From simple, useful designs to sophisticated decorative and stamped patterns, we turn your vision into reality.

A.D.A. Ramps

At Denham Corporation, we follow all the ADA ramp guidelines when constructing your ramp for your home. Following ADA requirements for ramps ensures it is safe and easily accessible for people with disabilities, whether they use a wheelchair, scooter or another mobility aid.

Stained & Stamped Concrete

Experience the perfect blend of durability and beauty with our decorative and stamped concrete. Ideal for creating mind blowing driveways, patios floors, and sidewalks, stamped concrete offers a cost-effective, low maintenance, dependable solution to adorn your outdoor spaces. Our stamped concrete work not only imitates the authentic look of stone, brick, wood, but also increases the longevity of your property.

Floor and Foundation Work

A.D.A. Ramps

Floor Slabs

Stamped Concrete