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An addition is when we would add on to the existing structure, meaning a bedroom or even a guest house. It’s exactly as it sounds; we are adding additional space to the current structure.

Remodels and Renovations

Home remodeling has many different aspects and elements that take place over the course of the remodeling process. For example; this can be a small change in the appearance by replacing kitchen cabinet doors or completely re-configuring the layout of the kitchen itself.

Design Services

Denham Corporation can supply all types of design services from sketches, drawings, 3D renderings, and preliminary site plans, floor plans, and building elevations, to submitting the permit set of drawings as part of a larger permit application.


Basement Renovation
or Basement Up-fit


Bathroom Renovation
or Bathroom Remodeling


Kitchen Renovation
Or Kitchen Remodeling


Home Remodeling

Remodeling any interior room, or your home exterior from your bathrooms to your basement, from your home entrance, to back deck or patio, Denham Corporation, Inc. is the right choice for you. Since 1998 we have been the general contractors with the expertise, and knowledge to manage your project from the ground up. We are the only smart choice to revive and revitalize your home on time, and on budget.

Home Additions

Whether you want to build your house out or build your house up, Denham Corporation, Inc. is the general contractor you need on your side. Working with your home’s existing structure and architectural blueprints, we will expand your living space while preserving everything you love about it. Get the home you’ve always wanted, by hiring the general contractor that puts quality workmanship first.

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Experienced Home Addition Contractors

Why move to a bigger house when you already love your home? With a home addition, you get all the benefits of a larger living space—one that’s custom-tailored to your needs—without having to uproot you or your family. Our team is a combination of experienced in-house contractors and reliable subcontractors. Everyone on our crew comes ready with professional certifications and years of experience. We handpick every member of the team based on their proven ability to work efficiently and produce award-winning final products. When you hire The Denham Corporation, Inc., you’re getting a team of carpenters, flooring contractors, plumbers, electricians, framers, and more, who have proven time and again that quality workmanship pays off.

Home Additions at Market-Driven Prices

If you’re considering a home addition, you need to know that your general contractor will offer you fair, market-driven prices. We leverage years of experience in the residential construction industry to offer reasonable prices on both supplies and labor. Using modern computer software, we are able to create more precise quotes than ever before—quotes that our clients can rely on right until the finishing touches have been applied. We know how important budgeting is. And while we never sacrifice quality for the cost of home additions, we always find ways to stick to the budget. Our house addition services are great for local residents who want a general contractor that’s honest, reliable, and budget-conscious.

Home Additions for Building Up or Building Out

Our clients can be divided into two categories. Those who want to expand their home horizontally, and those who want to add another story vertically. Both come with their own advantages, costs, and unique complexities.

Room additions are popular among our clients who have extra land to build on. Our clients       frequently build out their homes to accommodate:

   Sun-room construction
   Guest rooms
   Leisure areas

If you live in a densely populated area with little or no property to build on, building up your home addition is a great option. Working with the existing framing and foundation, we will take off your roof and build another story right on top. The advantage here is that your addition can double the square footage of your home!

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Home Additions Built to Last

With accurate, honest estimates and a dedication to quality workmanship, it’s no surprise that we’re known throughout the region as the top addition contractor. Whether you want to add a second story or a new wing, you’ll love that our additions will fit seamlessly with your existing structure and last for many years to come.
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Why Hire Us - A Licensed General Contractor

Reason #7-Administration

The General Contractor handles administrative duties. These include making sure sub-contractors have liability insurance and WSIB insurance, and handling payments to sub trades and suppliers.

Why Hire Us