Screen-in Porch Construction

Screen-in Porches 

A screened porch is the simplest option, since it’s basically a roof and screened walls over a deck or patio. It keeps bugs out and gives you a covered spot to enjoy those summer and fall nights to the fullest, regardless of a slight drizzle, but it is not a year-round option. “A screened porch is more of an extension of your backyard that can feature some cozy outdoor furniture for lounging or entertaining during the warmer months of the year,”

Denham Corporation, Inc. builds screened-in porches to transition your home into the outdoors. Screened-in porches can be customized to habitat as single or three-season rooms for friends and family to enjoy festivities throughout the year. All screened-in porches are built to the highest standards. The Denham Corporation, Inc. standards.

3 Season Room Screened Porch 

Three Season Rooms take the outdoor protection a step up, often featuring a finished vaulted ceiling, perhaps even cedar lined walls, and plenty of windows to allow fresh air in. “3 Season Rooms don’t typically feature a heating and cooling system, but might have a separate heater to help take the edge off of those chilly nights,” Jeremy notes. “This also means that, as their name implies, these additions are also not year-round option. Typically, people choose to use a 3 Season Rooms as an entertainment space, which can host guests while also providing that indoor/outdoor connection during the late spring, summer, and early fall months.”

We specialize in building..."Your Happy Place"

Whether you need shade from the sun, a place to enjoy parties, Denham Corporation, Inc. offers "low to no" maintenance covers spaces that will take care of your outdoor needs. Your screen-in room or 3 season room will be attractive, versatile and durable

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